The Oregon Association of Parliamentarians (OAP) was organized in 1968, and chartered as a constituent division of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP). NAP and OAP are dedicated to teaching effective meeting management through the use of parliamentary procedure.

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Parliamentarians are shepherds of democracy. We assist in maintaining your rights in a deliberative assembly by practicing the rules of Parliamentary Procedure. These rules define how a particular situation is to be handled, or a how a particular outcome may be achieved within a legislature or deliberative body.

A Parliamentarian is impartial: They should not push a particular bias.

We do NOT rule on issues. Parliamentarians do not judge. We provide advice to the chair of the organization- but it is the chair and the organization who make final decisions.

We ensure that your rights are maintained for the:

  • Majority

  • Individual members

  • All members combined

  • Those that are absent

  • Of the minority


Parliamentary Procedure

What is parliamentary procedure?
"The body of rules, ethics and customs governing meetings and other operations of clubs, organizations, legislative bodies and other deliberative assemblies" - Wikipedia

Why do we need Parliamentarians?
Having experts in parliamentary procedure will ensure smoother, faster, and more effective meetings. We ensure that everyone's rights are protected.

What are the social benefits of this practice?
This ensures the beauty of democracy. This country was founded on the premise of settling disputes according to established rules of law and order- rather than force.

This mindset teaches people how to become better citizens. If you want to be involved with your government (and how it functions), it's great to know the fundamental principles of parliamentary procedure.

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